Not understanding how End Point Manager handles variables when building phone config?

Sorry for the total noob question but I’ve only been playing with FreePBX and End Point Manager a couple days. I have a moderate amount of experience with Asterisk Open Source and other SIP platforms.

FreePBX with End Point Manager

I’m using Polycom 335 phones. End Point Manager builds a set of config files for my 1 test phone I have added so far. However the config lines for the SIP server and port are taking default values, not the ones belonging to my FreePBX setup. Here’s what the phone’s file looks like:

# cat 0004f23a79c9_reg.cfg ..snip.. reg.1.outboundProxy.address="" reg.1.outboundProxy.port="5090" ..snip..

I believe these are built on a phone by phone basis, based on $mac_reg.cfg under “Product Options/Configuration Editor”. I think the lines where this is abstracted are here:

..snip.. reg.{$line}.outboundProxy.address="{$outboundProxy_address}" reg.{$line}.outboundProxy.port="{$outboundProxy_port|5090}" ..snip.. Where in FreePBX do I need to set what these variables map to?

Sorry if I’m getting confused by the layers of abstraction…


In 2.9 there is no where you can set those. You need to do it manually.