Not resyncing

I have a 6739i I am experimenting with these apps with. When I get set on or off it doesn’t resync until I reboot the phone. How does that work?

What doesn’t resync?

The home screen still says DND enabled when it is not until you reboot the phone. Follow me, same thing, etc. Or if I do enable it, it doesn’t indicate that until the phone is rebooted.

Please see

Ok, makes sense, when I start the service I get this:
Unable to obtain credentials for REST API
Then on the status I get:
php dead but pid file exists

And therefore it still doesn’t work

That tells me you have no general API setup correct. Go into the rest API module not Rest Aps and submit the page under general so it generates a general API user.

That worked, thank you, the service did seem to stop at some point during the night, I had to restart it again this morning, still trying to figure out why that may have been.