Not receiving inbound calls

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(Arjones5) #1

I’m in a strange situation so bear with me. Due to a recent hardware failure, I wound up restoring from backup to new hardware and everything went swimmingly except for one component on SangomaConnect that I resolved. The old instance was deactivated, and swapped for the new one, firewall rules are updated. Outbound and internal calling works swimmingly, but no incoming calls stick the landing. Outside callers never reach the server, just looks like a stalled out dial attempt. I’ve checked NATing, trunking, and everything seems in order - I’m officially outside my wheelhouse.

Any ideas out there?

(TheJames) #2

if you run asterisk -rvvvv does asterisk do anything when you dial in?

(Arjones5) #3

Nothing but radio silence.

(Arjones5) #4

A firewall restart fixed the issue. That was a fun goose chase…