Not really new but: Has anyone gotten Paging and Intercom working on PolyCom 501/601 phones?

I know this has been batted about for a long time but I am still fighting with this. I have read lots in the various forums, lots of little tid-bits of information. Nothing has worked for me yet, Was wondering is anyone has Paging and/or Intercom working on the Polycom 501/601’s. If so are any hits information you can give to point in the right direction?

we bent our picks on this and never got it work and ended up replacing all the phones with yealink phones

Yea I know what you mean. Hate to do that, In all other ways the PolyCom are awesome phones.

I ran into this when I upgraded a customer’s 501 from version 3.x to 4.x of the firmware. After that, no amount of coaxing or finagling would get the phones to work with Intercom.