Not having IP 670 in Endpoint Manager


As the topic already mentioned, I cannot seem to find IP 670 in the dropdown list in the Polycom Endpoint manager.
I have:
IP 301
IP 330/320
IP 430
IP 501
IP 601
IP 550
IP 650
Soundstation IP 4000

Any thoughts on how I could add the IP 670?


Yes it’s included. In fact ALL of these models are included:

SoundPoint IP 430
SoundPoint IP 320
SoundPoint IP 330
Polycom PTX151
Polycom PTX150
SoundPoint IP 321
SoundPoint IP 331
SoundPoint IP 335
SoundPoint IP 450
SoundPoint IP 550
SoundPoint IP 560
SoundPoint IP 650
SoundPoint IP 670
SoundPoint IP 6000
SoundPoint IP 7000
SoundPoint IP VVX 1500
SoundPoint IP 5000
SoundPoint IP 301
SoundPoint IP 501
SoundPoint IP 600
SoundPoint IP 601
SoundStation IP 4000
SoundPoint IP 300
SoundPoint IP 500

Is there a special reason I’m only seeing the ones I mentioned above?
Do I need to enable something? Or do I need to connect the phone to the network first maybe so that it would recognize it’s a 670? I doubt this though.

ps: I have my old Trixbox still running here aswell and it shows the same phones :/.

Are you sure you are not running the old trixbox endpoint manager?

You have to install the EPM module into FreePBX from module admin.

Thx Skyking, I didn’t think I would make such mistakes but it seems I was running an old version, almost identical to trixbox, I downloaded the latest version, installed it (was a shocker to see the difference, will have to do a lot of searching to find my way around it) and was able to select the IP 670 and others.

Many thanks.

Yep as soon as you called it the polycom manager was dead give away.


1-green web page
2-end point manager not freepbx module
3-report not freepbx when module admin

Good luck

Ok thx Skyking.
It’s a huge difference with the old freepbx/trixbox version.
I’ve already managed to do find some things but I can’t seem to provision my Grandstream GXP2000 phones properly, the config file has changed from Grandstream_GXP2000_Default.txt in the tftpboot to a cfg$mac file in a different folder.
I assume I can’t use the old file anymore? Nor can I use the same settings as the file is controled by $values and the regular string inputs.
Can’t seem to get the time zone working :(.

Is there a Freepbx manual I can find for the latest build?