Not getting Voicemail pager emails

FreePBX (official distro) w/Asterisk 13

We have our voicemail setup, and we are receiving voicemail emails just fine. However, we do not receive the pager emails. I am using an email address format for the pager address. Something like: [email protected].

Is this the wrong way? If not, where could I look to find the right logging info to troubleshoot this?



Under system admin > email setup > there is a debug option beside save button so that you can enter email address to sent a test to and in there it shows the mail log.

I also you can ssh to the box and run mailx -r "[email protected]" -s “subject” [email protected]

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In SSH mail [email protected] Fill in the subject, put something in the body and then type a . and hit enter.

If it did not work, check the log to see what happened.

tail /var/log/maillog

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Thanks for all the help. It ended up being a configuration issue with “My Hostname” & “My Origin” in System Admin Pro -> Email. Once I got that fixed, by looking at the logs I saw that my SMS carrier (… was rejecting the emails because they weren’t coming from an IP that had an MX or A record. So then I corrected that in our DNS as well. It’s all working now.

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