"Not Found" while trying to download recordings from Call Event Logging

On multiple systems, using multiple versions of Freepbx, I get a “not found” page when trying to download call recordings via the UCP. Any idea?

Freepbx 15
CEL module


Call recordings are part of ‘cdr’ and not ‘cel’. You can access the CDR database directly and determine the name of the recording using the ‘asteriskcdrdb.cdr’ table, then look for the recording in the ‘/var/spool/asterisk/monitor/…’ directory and see if you can find the disconnect.

Are you making recordings? The default answer when the system is set up is “No”, so unless you did something to make that happen, there won’t be any in the CDR database.

The system is configured to record. I can find said recordings under the users CDR of the UCP. It has a download button on both CDR and CEL, the download button works on the CDR but does not work (brings up not found screen) CEL, but the call is there and the download button is also there. (CEL download link works on some other systems, so im not finding the disconnect)

Time to look at the URI for the call recording. If the link is there but it doesn’t go to the right place, you’ve found your problem. From there, you can probably solve it a couple of different ways.

the url is:
https://FQDN/ucp/?quietmode=1&module=cel&command=download&id=1624291342.683723&ext=1014 and it says “Not Found” when clicked on.

Is “FQDN” literal, or obfuscated?

Check in your /var/spool/asterisk/monitor/… directory structure and make sure there’s f a 1624291342.683723 file in there.

I removed the actual FQDN. (its a valid location)

https://FQDN/ucp/?quietmode=1&module=cdr&command=download&msgid=1624295931.684476&type=download&ext=1065 - THIS WORKS

https://FQDN/ucp/?quietmode=1&module=cel&command=download&id=1624295931.684476&ext=1065 - THIS DOES NOT WORK

These are the copy and pasted URL from the download links on the UCP. The CDR link works. the CEL link does not work. (The file exists and I can download it under the CDR)

My suggestion at this point would be to drop this information into a Trouble Ticket and let the pros at Dover see what they can do. There are a couple of differences that you can play around with and see if you can get the cel version to work. For example, change the URI and add ‘&type=download’ in the command and see if that helps. You could also try changing ‘id=’ to ‘msgid=’ and see if one of those works. If either of those changes works, drop that in the ticket and let the Sangomans handle it.

Thanks, i made those wording changes, and it didnt work work. I’ll open a ticket. I’ll reboot the PBX tonight and try then see. Thanks for the assistance.

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