Not detecting external IP in Asterisk SIP settings-couldn't connect to host

When clicking on detect external IP address in Asterisk SIP settings, I get a “couldn’t connect to host”.
I am behind a NAT device (Sonicwall NSA220), which is behind a Comcast modem. The Comcast modem is not set to bridge mode, it let’s traffic through to the WAN port (private IP) of the Sonicwall.

On my server, I can ping devices on the internet, no problem.
Why can’t I detect my external IP?

If the SonicWall is not responding with it’s external address or because of the multiple addresses that “could be” your external address, it might not be able to skull it out.

I’ve had problems like this where I was on my “office” network setting up a PBX IN someone else’s network, and it would screw up all of the addresses when I clicked on the button.

I have a PBX system with both a LAN plug and WiFi. When I had them both active with different addresses, I had this problem. When I killed the WiFi connection in SysAdmin/Network, it seems to detect the external address correctly and quickly. So that’s something to look into.

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