Not Able To Send Emails From FreePBX


I need to setup email notifications manually (I don’t want to pay for the System Admin Pro) but, I’ m not able to get things to works correctly.

I’d try what I found here: Setup Postfix Manually - PBX Platforms - Documentation without any success. seem to be not good anymore.

When doing searches on the internet, nothing seem relevant to my case.

Is someone can help me please?

My FreePBX instance is at it’s latest version.



If you are not using the system administration code for it, I imagine you could use any SMTP submission software, supported by Linux, and implementing the, de facto, “sendmail -t” submission API (I suppose it might use a higher level mail submission command, but you could easily write a small script to handle that.)

If using postfix, you should use the primary postfix documentation, not a cook book solution. A quick skim of your first link indicates it is basically just about getting round the machine running FreePBX not being a first class internet mail source, with its own mailboxes and own mail domain name. It’s about rewriting the local mail user names and mail domain, to match the mail accounts you actually have. That’s not specific to FreePBX, although some of the user names may be.

If you do want to try with the cook book, you need to tell us precisely what goes wrong.

I don’t have personal experience of postfix. On the Asterisk based systems I was involved with, we used sendmail, and I forget the other package that I used on my personal systems, but that wasn’t either. It is a long time since I configured either.


I apologies for the delays.

What seem to be wrong is: after having following these instructions Setup Postfix Manually - PBX Platforms - Documentation

When doing: echo "Subject: hello" | sendmail [email protected] The mailbox is not getting the email. I don’t even know if the message left the FreePBX system. The mail queue on the mail server is staying empty.

Can I post my file here and also all the other relevant configuration files?




I still need help with that issue.



You’d need to post your configuration and associated logs. You probably need to specify only a relayhost, some smtp_sasl opts and depending how strict your releayhost is, a suitable generic file.


I deeply apologies for the long delay.

Those is my configuration files:

I’d hide passwords and other sensitive information.

What do you mean by the generic file? The one for /etc/postfix/ directory?


And also where to find smtp_sasl ?

The relay host, if it reference the mail server, it is hosted locally on another VM.

If you need more info, please feel free to ask. :grinning:

With regards,


Can you please share the mail logs?

Yes, I meant the generic file for generic remapping of addresses.



Logs from our mail server? If this is correct, is there a way to hide sensitive information from the log before sending them out? Or could I post only lines that I think relevant?


Okay all right. This is what I previously posted. Hopping I send out the correct thing :wink:

Thank-you to both of you for the help.

It’s sometimes difficult to say what is relevant. sed is your friend.



I will need to reboot FreePBX before being able to get the logs, I will do it at night.



You’re one of mine.

Please follow up this video. FreePBX 14 - Email Notifications Configuration (SMTP via Postfix) - YouTube

I did it and it works good. (if you’re using Gmail remember to use the 2FA and the app password)

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if it works for you mark this as the solution it can help others

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Yes it works fine now! Thank-you very much!


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