Not able to pick up outside call from parking lot

I am new to using FreePBX and have solved most of the issues with what I have read on this form. But I have come across something that I can not find an answer here. I set-up a parking lot using the default lot and it work well for about a week. I am using Yealink Sip-26p phones and set the DSSkeys to [call park] [70][line 1] to park the call. This works well to park the call. To pick up and monitor I set the DSSkey to [BFL] [71][line1] and so on, I can see when a call is park. I am able to park a local call from another extension and pick the call back up from the parking slot. Also if I push the DSSkey button when there is no call park on it, I get a message saying (there is no call park on that ex.) same if I dial the ex.number. But when I park a incoming call and then call the ex. number or use the DSSkey set to monitor the EX. the call is time out. The call stays parked, but I am unable to pick it back up.

On the newer versions of FreePBX, you can actually park calls in specific parking slots, 71, 72, 73 etc…

What I have done is on my T26’s set the key type to “Call Park” then the slot number, 71, 72, etc…

While on the call, simply hit the button for 71, or 72, etc, and it should park the call at that specific lot number, lighting the button red, you can then hit the same lot number button on another T26 to pick that call up, or if you are picking the call up from a phone without a programmed button, simply pick the phone up and dial the lot number, 71, 72, or whatever slot the call is on.

Let me know if that solves your problem, I just tested on my T26 and verified that it’s working on FreePBX distro 5.211.65-19, running Asterisk 11.13.0, and FreePBX 12.0.27.

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