Not able to hear the recorded Voice recording

I have recorded a message in the format which the freepbx excepts , i save the voice recording and then put the IVR in place.but when i call in the message is just blank and goes over to the fail destination which is an extension please can i have suggestions in how to get this working the pbx is on |PBX Firmware:|1.815.210.58-1|
|PBX Service Pack:||

Which formats did you select when you submitted the recording, and what codes do you allow on your Trunk?

Also, please post a call trace via pastebin link, see instructions:

PCM Encoded, 16 Bits, at 8000Hz: and codec was G729

When you upload a recording you have an option at the bottom “convert to”. Which one did you select? AFAIK, PCM is not listed there.

Also, please post a call trace as requested above.

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