Not a valid transfer on paging

I am having a problem with paging on an Asterisk 1.4.28 system under Ubuntu 9.10.

I am using Grandstream phones (GXP-2000 and 2010). This works on every system I’ve ever built but not this one.

When I dial 80 my paging extension I hear the normal paging tone, phones ring once and I get a message that says “this is not a valid transfer extension”.

I am clueless on this one.

If anyone can help me figure this one out it would be greatly appreciated.

80, then is the code you set up to access a goroup of phones for paging.

Remove the phones 1 by 1 to see if your problem is with a particular phone or is systemic.

If that doesn’t work remove the page group and recreate it.


I removed the paging group and created a new one with 9000 as the number.

I added 1 phone to the group and got the same results.

I took that phone out and tried another it did the same thing.

I have “Allow auto answer by call info” and “turn off speaker on remote disconnect” check yes on the Grandstream side.

Any other ideas??

If you dial *80followed by the extension number, what happens?


When I do star *80 or *80 extension

The phone is registered and you can call it?


*54 User Intercom Allow
*55 User Intercom Disallow