Nortel t7316 handsets


We are a small company (10 telephonist) which has recently upgraded from a bcm50 to freepbx. Currently we are using a mix of polycom ip 331 + ip 650.

Previously on the bcm we were using the Nortel t7316 handsets, which had 16 line keys. These would indicate on the LCD display if the line was being used. We had also set them up in such a way that 4 of the keys were line/group HOLD keys. So whenever we wanted to place a customer on hold we would simply press one of the four keys that wasn’t already being used and and any member of the ring group was able to retrieve that call. It would also indicate on the LCD display that there was a call parked.

Is there a way to imitate this method of placing calls on hold and having an indication that there is a call on hold on any IP phones using freepbx?

The 650 has enough line keys to monitor the parking lot but not the 331.

Thank you for replying SkyingOH.

What do I need to enable to get the Function keys to monitor the parking?

Have you checked out the wiki? Are you using the endpoint manager?