Nortel PBX does not recognize * * keys

We have a customer who insists to use his old Nortel PBX system so we provide a SIP line via Linksys SPA 2102 adapters to his office and he connects it to his PBX like a POTS line.

The setup works ok, and we are not going with the customer about it, but now there is a problem when he wants to retrieve his PBX voice mail from outside the office. To access the Nortel voice mail he dials * * which is supposed to take him to voice mail. Instead it takes him to the company directory. Our log shows we are transmitting the ** digits but his PBX does not react to it. When they connect a real POTS line to the PBX, ** works.

Anyone have an idea of why this is happening?

Presumably an incomplete ‘dial string’ in the 2102

Thanks for the reply but I think dial strings are for outbound calls. The call is inbound to the PBX. They are trying to retrieve the voice mail from an outside line.

The call is an 'outbound call ’ as far as the SPA is concerned.