Nortel i2004 phones with Free PBX

Hi everyone,

Im working through a new install of FreePBX, I downloaded from Asterisk Now. Im running with FreePBX 12.0.1rc12 and I have a Nortel i2004.

I have everything set up, in terms of inbound calls, I can reach voicemail and my IVR etc. My phone also is attached to the network and I can ping it from my Standalone machine with the system running.

My phone fails to find the server, I have followed the instruction I can find online about phone settings, eg: “

But I cant seem to get UNISTIM to install or able to find the chan_unistim.conf file to be able to edit it at all.

Can anyone help?

If I remember from my past nortel days our voip nortel phones would use port 7000, maybe not much help but maybe try setting your PBX to answer on that port?