I have got a legacy Nortel PBX with 3 E1s and i would like to integrate it with a Quescom GSM Gateway through the following:

  • By a fresh installed FreePBX box with a one-Port E1 zaptel card (Digium Wildcard TE120P).

  • I want to interconnect between the Nortel PBX and FreePBX by an E1 cable, from Nortel PBX (as TE) and FreePBX E1 card (as NT).

  • I will make a SIP trunk on FreePBX to Quescom and an outbound route with the mobile dial plan to that SIP trunk.

  • I want to make an Inbound route, to make the incoming mobile calls from Nortel PBX to the E1 Zaptel Card, go out through Quescom GSM Gateway SIP Trunk.

So please the questions are as follow:

1- how can i configure the E1 1 Port Zaptel Digium TE120P Wildcard as NT.(i need the configuration of zaptel.conf, zapata-auto.conf and zapata.conf in steps please).

2- how can i make the inbound route on Zaptel E1 card to go to the Quescom GSM Gateway through the SIP trunk directly if the calls match the Mobile numbers route pattern.

3-and how can i hunt the incoming mobile calls from Nortel on 3 Quescom Gateways (if the one is busy, the call will get out from the 2nd and so on).

Thanks a lot