NORTEL BCM50 Caller ID to FreePBX/Asterisk - how?

Hello - I’m sorry if this seems like a “Howdy how do you do help me please” for an advanced half NORTEL topic, but I’m near my wits end for this one. I’m sorry if I’m asking the wrong way or in the wrong place - new on these forums.

I maintain a FreePBX system that has a NORTEL BCM50E inbound trunked into it via pjsip_custom.conf. I know I can define Caller ID There via “callerid=”. However, I was wondering if there was a way to deliver the BCM50E type Caller ID (from the individual NT Sets themselves) and convert that over to FPBX/Asterisk CID values.

As it stands, anyone dialing into the FPBX PBX calls in as “WFC PBX <667835>” (predefined as ‘callerid=“WFC PBX” <667835>’ in pjsip_custom.conf.

I would like it to bring over the Name of the DN and the DNs number, e: “Nortel User <2101>” (‘Nortel User’ is name on DN, DN number is ‘2101’).

I’ve done research on RPID, PAI and the such but there is so little documentation on an example like this - likely because we’re in 2023 - and it’s difficult for me to put two and two together.

If there’s anyone who’s knowledgeable on the subject and willing to broadcast some knowledge I would be extremely grateful.

If you need any additional information, please let me know and I’ll provide what I can to help you in understanding and assisting me.

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I figured it out! I would have just deleted this page but some people may find it of use.

In the BCM-50’s Business Element Manager, you need to change the DNs Private OLI and long name.

You can change the OLI by going into Configuration > Telephony > Sets > All DNs > Line Access and editing the Private OLI (4 digits max) after selecting the DN you want to, in the table where the DNs are.

You can change the Long Name by going into Configuration > Telephony > Sets > All DNs > Capabilities and Preferences. Select the DN you wish to edit from the table, and go to “Preferences” and change “Long Name”.

NOTE: Business Names come before the Long Name, so if you want to define an unrestricted CID, use a blank Business Name if one is already defined (These can be found in Configuration > Telephony > Global Settings > Feature Settings)

Then, in pjsip_custom.conf, ensure “callerid=asreceived”.

NOTE2: Calling back these CIDs must be configured seperately (I.e if “2101” calls you, calling it back may not dial its NORTEL counterpart.)

  • NickF

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