Nortel 1120e with FreePBX

Hello M8s,

Along time ago, My dad has found a Nortel 1120e Laying around that has the 0624C70 firmware on it. I’ve been doing years of researching and googling, And it seems like no one has given me a definite answer on this yet. I also have a cisco SPA 504 G, and I am on a 24 port Gigabite Switch from cisco as well.

I want to update the firmware on my Nortel 1120e to the SIP firmware so I can use it with FreePBX. But, I am running on a Mac, and i’ve tried what i could to set the phone up for TFTP Transfers, but I had no luck. Am I missing some equipment for this TFTP project? Much help would be appreciated. Thanks alot!!

Mac has a built-in TFTP server. There are many articles on how to set it up. For example, see

You can use the built-in TFTP command to pull the firmware file (to the current directory), as a way of confirming that the server is working as expected. See

If the phone still won’t download the new firmware, run Wireshark to see what (if anything) the device is trying to get by TFTP.

If the phone gets the complete file with no error, but the running firmware is not updated, the file may be incompatible with your hardware, rejected for a bad checksum, etc. I know nothing about the Nortel but with luck it will display a useful error message.

Thank you! With wire shark, I was actually able to see the phone on the network. So the problem I am having with this. I pointed s1 to the desired network that I have my TFTP running on. But when I try to point my TFTP to the phones desired IP address to view the files on it, it says either the connection refuses or timed out. I know this is not the place to be asking about nortel phones. I am just hoping that there is experts here who knows the nortel 1120e just as I do.

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