Nortel 1120E Connection Issues

FINALLY!! I was able to upgrade the firmware on the Nortel 1120E to Avaya Sip firmware. I have made an Extension, tested out using a simple secret 12345adg The phone will register and work, but It doesn’t stay registered for long. I can send phone calls out from it, but not recieve phone calls.

Thanks Guys!!

Here’s the equipment that I am using.

eMachines running FreePBX
Nortel 1120E IP Deskphone
Cisco SG350 10 Port Switch
Mac Mini
Cisco SPA504G

UPDATE: I also did a ping test on the nortel device it self. and it saying time out.

I went into my switch and made sure that all the ports are set to the same vlan, and setting freepbx as a trunk while others are set to access.

Is the Nortel getting an IP address? If not make sure you have the patch cable plugged into the correct port on the Nortel. I once plugged the patch cable from the switch into the PC port on an older Nortel i2004 and finally realized I had it plugged into the wrong port. (The way the stand was it was hard to see which was which, and the phone didn’t have POE so it was powering up no matter what.)

I haven’t changed any of the hardware since the tftp firmware transformation. I only changed the software ports and such… I’m gonna try to do unmanaged and route it all 2 my computer’s IP Address and see if I get any luck from it. The CISCO 504G works great if it didn’t drop calls after 30 seconds. The nortel just had a hard time keeping its connection and couldn’t receive calls…

A 30-second timeout usually indicates a NAT setup problem. Search the forum for the phrase ‘30 second’ and you’ll see dozens of threads on things to check.

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My Switch was unable to secure the connections between the phones and the nortel… My I had vlan enabled on the phone… So when I pinged from the phone to the PBX System, it showed timeout. Now It’s sending packets like normal. I also had to add all the devices such as my computer, both phones to the trusted firewall. But for some reason, my cisco managed switch wasn’t reading the configurations with the system very well and it caused lag issues. :smiley: This is awesome!!

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