Noob questions

I run a small computer service company and have been using Vonage for a few years, but would like some more control/options. I’ve been looking around at different voip options and came across freePBX. I’m a complete PBX noob, so please excuse my ignorance.

I’ve googled around for some sort of starter guide, but haven’t found anything, so I figured I’d just ask.

I’m looking to solve 2 main problems. The first of which is lowering my phone bills. I pay about $250/month on phone service and have ~10 different phone numbers that are local to the different communities I service.

I’d like to make it so each of those lines is a DID (if I am understanding what DID’s are) and have one or two main lines on which the phone actually rings at a desk.

The second problem that I’m looking to solve is that of tracking the phone traffic on each individual phone number - e.g. some sort of database/spreadsheet with each call, time, length, callerID info, etc… Is that something that freePBX does?

One last question - is it possible to run this all on my internet connection without any interaction with the local phone company (Verizon)?

You can point multiple inbound routes to a single destination, whether it be an extension, call group, queue, etc. You don’t need multi line phones.

I really don’t need 10 lines, just multiple phone numbers. I really only need a couple actual phones. I do have a couple Polycom phones and plenty of old pc’s, so hopefully I won’t need to buy any (much) equipment.

Is it possible to have multiple inbound phone numbers to ring at one or two base phones? Does FreePBX archive information about each call in a usable form?

Thanks for the responses.

Wouldn’t it depend on how many lines the phone has? If you have a single line phone, how could you have it receive multiple lines at once? Maybe you could setup the DIDs to forward to the primary number on that phone. maybe my thinking is completely wrong but this is how I’m thinking of it right now.

the computers you have should be able to run asterisk/freepbx.

You can cut costs but you can easily rack up a lot of spending.

What kind of hardware are you going to use with this system? Your typical 4 year old computer may not be able to handle 10 phones. Do you already have IP phones?

What about your internet connection? Is it just a cable modem? This is where I think the bulk of your costs will come from, a T1 line may be necessary for 10 phone lines. You also will need an ITSP (business class) and for them to supply you with ten DIDs and ten trunks.

I have an asterisk box and 4 numbers and do not receive a monthly phone bill.