Noob. Help with xml scripts

I have (at least feel like) I have searched all over for the answer to this and could use a little help. Im a novice with Linux (always have been) and I have maintained a Trixbox in the past but am installing a new system from scratch. I have gotten it installed and gotten a few phones configured. What I looking for some help on is I got the xml scripts for Aastra phones installed and its working great (at least internally) but I want to change some of the button assignments and I dont know where to go to do that. I have Aastra 6737i and the newest FreePBX distro (2.10?) Any help to get me going is greatly appreciated.

I am informed by Schmooze that these scripts are no longer maintained nor supported by Aastra nor Schmooze, so I guess you are basically on your own there.

Try and find a cached copy of the Aastra XML admin guide. Basically all behaviors are defined in the /var/www/html/aastra/asterisk/.prf files then run setup-aastra-xml and apply_pref in the utilities directory to set them, you should properly also edit /var/www/html/aastra/config/.conf files to get the best out of them (not relying on the generic demo*.prf’s)

Good luck, and don’t forget to change your admin password and only allow known hosts to get to /tftpboot, or sooner or later you will get to eat a big bill.

Is there a way to go back to using the end point manager once I have installed the scripts without actually uninstalling them?

just delete /tftpboot/aastra.* and stop the aastra-daemon’s
probably for cleanliness also delete /tftpboot/00085D*.cfg
and default to factory all phones you want to reprovision