NodeJS Support for Newer Versions


Is there any roadmap when newer versions of NodeJS will be supported in FreePBX?

AFAIK, Most of the NodeJS is used for UCP and RestApps which are closed source, so I don’t think the community can even help out with this.


@PitzKey We’ll probably follow the roadmap for RHEL/CentOS 8. It looks like the default there is 10.

Side note, and this probably not recommended: there is the ability to run multiple versions of node on the same server by using nvm. Just make sure that if you do install nvm, specify v8.16.0 as the default version.

We tried that on a v13 machine, it broke certain portions of UCP, I’m not sure what we ended up doing to fix it, but we’re still running two versions of node on that machine.
And as you mentioned, it’s probably not recommended to do so, so I’m looking forward to FreePBX16/Asterisk 18/Node10 :slight_smile:

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