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No way to configure Obihai wifi?

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Using commercial endpoint manager… I can see no way to configure wifi for obihai devices. Incom for example has these settings. Right now I’m editing .xml files to get the devices working. Is there a better way?

(TheJames) #2

I don’t know the status of Obihai/Polycom but you can open a commercial feature request with the instructions here:


Is it the case that little attention is given to anything but Sangoma phones?

(TheJames) #4

No, in fact being our phones those require the least amount of attention because we control the entire chain.

Please see: for details on device support.


“No no [sic] features generally added to EPM for these devices.”

Ugh… guess I keep editing xml files.

(TheJames) #6

As I mentioned above. The best bet is to open a commercial feature request. This shows there is an interest in feature X or product X that can help. Also you can contact contact polycom/obihai and request they get X device certified. If there is a valid business case things happen. If enough interest is shown a valid business case can surely be made.