No way to configure Obihai wifi?

Using commercial endpoint manager… I can see no way to configure wifi for obihai devices. Incom for example has these settings. Right now I’m editing .xml files to get the devices working. Is there a better way?

I don’t know the status of Obihai/Polycom but you can open a commercial feature request with the instructions here:

Is it the case that little attention is given to anything but Sangoma phones?

No, in fact being our phones those require the least amount of attention because we control the entire chain.

Please see: for details on device support.

“No no [sic] features generally added to EPM for these devices.”

Ugh… guess I keep editing xml files.

As I mentioned above. The best bet is to open a commercial feature request. This shows there is an interest in feature X or product X that can help. Also you can contact contact polycom/obihai and request they get X device certified. If there is a valid business case things happen. If enough interest is shown a valid business case can surely be made.

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