No voice if not connected to the VPN network

Hello everyone, I am newbie to freepbx, any help and idea would be helpful. My client has a phone system in his office that is connected in a VPN. My client can use his phone system when he is connected to the VPN, however once he disconnected himself to the VPN network, he just need to change the setting on the dialing program, to allow him to get connected to his phone system, it dials but with no voice can be heard both. Any idea on how I could activate the voice even without connecting to the VPN?

You question makes absolutely no sense. You won’t get an answer to it.

You didn’t say what kind of system, phone, describe the VPN, etc.

This is usually a Firewall problem. I had the same and other issues on my Sonicwall Pro3060. We had to look at every rule and carefully set up new ones, based on VOIP and VOIP over VPN traffic. Now, we’re able to use the private or public IP to access Asterisk. You’ll need a VOIP/Firewall expert to get this issue resolved. It’s not likely IMO that the issue is on the Asterisk box.

If you have FPBX 2.9 take a look at Tools - Asterisk SIP Settings and check that your NAT details are entered correctly. if you are on an earlier version of FPBX that does not have the SIP Settings Module you will need to Google around and find out the changes you need to make in your .conf files.

I think this may solve your problem as I imagine when you are on the VPN you are effectively on your LAN and not traversing the NAT.