No Templates or Phone models available to select


PBX Firmware:5.211.65-21
PBX Service Pack:

While adding additional extensions I’ve encountered an error where I can no longer select a template or model after I select Brand. On extensions already created I can select model and see all the choices. However new extensions, I select Brand, and suddenly Template and Model pick windows become very small because there is nothing to select from.

I needed to add a template for an Aastra 6757i and there may have been a glitch because it almost appeared that I had two windows loading the new template. It’s the only thing that appeared odd and I had added a few mitel and polycom previously with no problems.

I was thinking about forcing a download and reinstall if that would help and I wouldn’t lose all my configs.

Thank you for any help,

If anybody else runs into this… Export each template and extension mapping, uninstall EPM, reinstall EPM, import templates and extension mappings. Seems to have fixed the problem. Oh, almost forgot, I deleted the contents of the tftp directory before reinstalling EPM so I had to download firmware for the phones so I could complete adding the new ones.