No sound with MoH (Music On Hold)

Hi everyone,

I’ve a very complicated issue with freepbx/ asterisk. Since i’ve enabled Music On Hold in my ringgroup i’ve noticed that there is only sound on one side.

Is there anyone that can help me?

What do you mean one side. MOH will only play to the caller calling into the MoH where normally they would hear ringing instead they hear MoH.

I’m sorry for the delay on my answer

So, we have a 2N vario doorbel with voip. We tried to configure moh on the doorbel, the person on the side of the doorbel can hear the person on the telephone. But the person on the telephone can’t hear the doorbel.

The moh on its self works perfect, but the audio of the conversation (doorbel->telephone) is gone.

If we disable the moh everything works perfect.