No softphone option in Zulu

(Sentinel) #1

WS and WSS are enabled. This is on PBXact. I can log on, but there is no option for soft phone. Pjsip 5060 is the port.

(Greg Snover) #2

Probably you don’t have multiple contacts enabled - Extension -> Settings - Max Contacts.

Set it to greater than 1 and apply the changes.

(Jared Busch) #3

That is not used for Zulu as Zulu uses “hidden” extensions prefixed with 90. Such as 90213 if the extension is 213.

It also sets the max contacts of those hidden devices to 100.

(Sentinel) #4

Nope I have them set to 3 per extension

(Greg Snover) #5

I assume you have this set under user management?

(Sentinel) #6

yes. I have everything set to yes

(Greg Snover) #7

Probably time for a ticket since Zulu is commercial and supported - it looks like you are doing everything right.