No SIP remote access!


I have a strange problem with a FreePBX instance I can’t fix. I’m unable to get the SIP port 5060 reachable from Internet.
FreePBX has been installed on a VPS in a datacenter (I didn’t do the install by itself, it was done by the company that hosts the FreePBX). I can connect to it with SangomaConnect without problem and communicates with other extensions also in SangomaConnect. I can also pass outgoing calls through trunk out I have setup in it.
Unhappy I’m unable to get the port 5060 reachable from Interent so trunk in can work, and also be able to register some phones on it.
Company that supplies the FreePBX has completely deactivated the firewall for my instance and I have also completely (temporarily) deactivated the FreePBX firewall but still the same. Any idea what else can be the problem ?



Are you sure your instance is listening to SIP connections on 5060? Maybe it’s been changed to something else?

You can go to Settings → Asterisk SIP settings and check either the chan_pjsip or chan_sip tabs and verify what port they are listening on for SIP connections.

Then I would verify that your trunk is properly configured to use the proper channel driver for the port that you are expecting external connections to be coming in from.

I had checked that checked again and yep port declared in pjsip is well 5060 in UDP !

Will check that into details to find out the problem, thanks :wink:

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