No Ringtone when Phonebook sends call to extension

Am using Asterisk 1.4.24 which was initially installed from the AsteriskNow ISO along with Freepbx which I have upgraded to the latest 2.7.x versions available as of today. Iam using for trunking.

When I call in on either of my numbers, I get the phonebook. Which is how I currently have the software configured to do. However, as the caller, I select any extension from the phonebook and when the extension is ringing I dont hear a ring tone back to me as the caller. Just to be clear this is not extension to extension calling. I’m calling my switch from an outside number. I changed the software to route directly to my extension as a test. Then when I called from the outside number, I could hear ring tone back to me as the caller.

I believe this was working fine when I was at 2.6 and this seems to have started when I upgraded to the first round of 2.7 modules.

Any thoughts?