No ringtone for outbound calls

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Sometime, for outbound call, the caller don’t have ringtone.
I can reproduce for some fix numbers, but never on mobile numbers.

The caller receive the 180 ringing.

I solved the problem by modifiying the Asterisk Trunk Dial Options, adding r(ring) option in development environment.
But the documentation saying it’s a deprecied way.

What’s the real risk to use it ? Have you other idea ?

I’m on asterisk 18.20 and freepbx 16.0.40

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If the caller is getting this, the problem is with the caller.

According to my operator, it’s up to IPBX to generate the ringtone.

When I initiate the call, I haven’t RTP flux on IPBX. I considere IPBX don’t generate the ringtone …
I solved the problem by modifiying the Asterisk Trunk Dial Options, adding r(ring) option in development environment.
But the documentation saying it’s a deprecied way …

In a purely IP situation, it is the responsibility of the calling phone to generate ringback (in response to 180 Riniging).

Thank’s, but I’m confused by what I see.

My problem is that not all outgoing calls are impacted. I join two captures, the first work but not the second, seems like it depends on the number

I don’t understand why I haven’t rtp learning on the second case …

What I also notice is that in the case that works, I receive a 183 Session progress and not a 180 Ringing, without RTP after :

Why a different comportment for 183 Session progress and 180 Ringing ?

And what’s the real risk to use the r(ring) option for outbounds calls ? The documentation indicate a risk for call to IVR, and I have try without problem.

180 means that the caller should hear ringback and is expected to generate that tone itself (or the boundary between analogue and digital systems is). 183 says that the caller shouldn’t generate ringback, but tones and announcements may be present in the audio stream, but might not be. The callee’s ringback tone may be one of the things present in the media stream.

The media stream is early media, which isn’t normally billed. many operators won’t allow early media, because it allows information services to be provided without their receiving any revenue.

As such, you would typically expect the opposite of what you say you are seeing; 180 should generate ringback for the caller, and 183 typically produces silence.

Ringback shouldn’t be generated until the callee is being alerted of the call, but is often sent early in Asterisk dialplans.

Given the way your provider seems broken, I believe there is an option, to send in band call progress.

Okay I understand better now, great thank’s for your explications ! I will check on my softphone.

If I understand well, I can force the 183 session progress with Progress() function in dialplan to not give this responsability on client ? It’s a good practice, and I have a risk to use this way ?

It generally won’t work over the PSTN as the provider would need to give you early media, free of charge, and that early media could be, for example, a weather report or stock market prices, not just a ringback tone.

If the originator is directly on your system, it might work, but you may have to explicitly send the tone (there are some details in this area that I am confused about).

Generally it is best to do things the way that they were intended to be done.

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