No Ringback to Callers (IVR)


Am I doing something wrong here?

I am setting up an IVR which will:
a. - answer and ask press 1 for sales and 2 for service (IVR)
b. - if 1 is selected it plays an announcement “putting you through” (Announcement)
c. - it then send the call to the Sales Ring Group
d. - this Ring Group should then ring for 20 seconds before playing “sorry were busy please hold” (Announcement)
e. - the announcement send the caller back to the Sales Ring Group (point d)

The issue I have is that I don’t get a ringing sound at any point. All Ring Groups have a RingStrategy of ‘ringall’ and a RingTime of ‘20’

Background info…
I am running a test set up at the moment with no incoming line to test on. I only have the one extention, so clearly it is busy when I test the IVR. No other extentions are registered. (will this be the issue?)