No Ringback on Some Outbound Calls

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Ok great…I’ll look into that I guess.

I’m guessing it may have something to do with that. Luckily I have the system working great with the POTS lines for now. If someone is able to provide some help with Cisco and SCCP, I’m all ears! It would be nice to move over to the SIP trunk (and get rid of POTS line) and not have to possibly buy new phones.


Possibly this thread:

may be useful. See whether changing the value of earlyrtp helps. Restart (not just reload) Asterisk after each change.

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Great news! So that article you posted helped me fix the issue. The sccp.conf needed to have the following lines set:


Once I set those, restarted Asterisk, everything works now as it should now. I can place a call using my SIP trunk and the ringback tone is there for ALL calls now. This can also be set within the SCCP Connectivity. See screen shots:

Thank you so much for your help Stewart1!

Hopefully this post can help some else in the future! Long live FreePBX!

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