No registration attempts freepbx+goip

I’m trying to configure goip as trunk in freepbx but i can’t see any registration attempts.
When i’m configuring goip with host and port i can make outbound calls, but because of goip is not being registered by itself i can’t receive inbound calls.

In asterisk sip settings on freepbx i use chan_sip with bind port 5160, chan_pjsip is turned off.
goip configuration:

Endpoint Type - Sip phone
Config Mode - Single Server Mode
Authentication ID - 905
Password - •••••••
SIP Proxy -
SIP Registrar -

I’m trying to configure goip trunk with this parameters:
my trunk configuration:


And i don’t see any registration attempts in my asterisk cli.

I also tried to configure goip in trunk gateway mode with this parameters:
Endpoint Type: - Sip phone Config Mode - Trunk Gateway Mode SIP Trunk Gateway1 - Register Expiry(s) - 30 Authentication ID - 905 Password - •••••••
and only in trunk gateway mode i see registration attempts, but without any success:

NOTICE[1824]: chan_sip.c:28499 handle_request_register: Registration from '"P2P" <sip:[email protected]>' failed for '' - Wrong password

and i don’t understand why there is no registration attempts in single server mode and what did i configured wrong.
Can anyone please suggest something?

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