No prompt password

after freepbx-2.5.1 fresh installation, when i open the admin page, there is no prompt for password. how can i make it prompts for password, although i tried to change the authority type to database, but also there is no prompt for password, how can i make it prompt for password on the authority to none?.

database will use the “Administrators” entries to authenticate. Choosing “none” will leave it up to apache. You will need to setup some sort of apache authentication if you use that mode. If you have AUTHTYPE set to database and it is not asking you for a password, look for a typo or make sure that there is no “#” in front of that line (or that it is not repeated further down in the file as none).

I checked amportal.conf, it’s ok and the line is not commented, both database and none don’t prompt for password.
and why passwd-maint command doesn’t work:

after reinstalling freepbx and set to database it has worked fine…
thanks a lot