No phone extension registration with PBX

So our Freepbx instances have been working with no issues for over a year, last night we power off from the admin panel the PBX systems because we were doing an upgrade to the main server. After turning everything back on, for some reason 1 extension on each one of the instances won’t come on, I have try to reprovision, deleting extension from the pbx and recreating it and still the same extension won’t connect. What is weird is that on the other 2 instances the same problem is happening with only one extension. Any ideas? Nothing change on the firewall, and the instances are running on the same server.

My guess is that with zero useful information about anything from you about what you had and what you did, and what is actually no longer working, there will be equally zero ideas (No mind readers here :slight_smile: )

Dicko men so sorry for never answering to this, it was my first time using the forum and ended figuring out the issue. LOL thanks and you are right no mind readers anywhere.