No Panel display with FreePBX v 2.1.3

Due to problems with TrixBox I have reinstalled CentOS 4.4 and Asterisk and FreePBX from scratch. After having “expeimented” with this over the past 2 nights I finally have a working system but with the following little glitch:

The PANEL display in FreePBX is completely empty even though I have created extensions and trunks that are working correctly.

Any suggestions?

i’m seeing the same thing :frowning:

a little more info on this :

i had essentially dont the same thing

migrated away from trixbox

did a backup from trix and restored to a freepbx/asterisk only environment

nothing is in the panel directory at all

not sure which one of these did the trick or if it was ever a problem

  1. i updated /etc/amportal.conf - it had the wrong ip for the webserver as i had initially brought up the box on another ip migrated info to it then changed the IP

  2. set hostname and domain name

  3. updated hosts table with a few entries
    one with the name pointed to the loopback
    another pointed to the boxes external ip
    and a final one pointed at its private ip

something in there did the trick