No outbound audio, nat issue?

Ok, this is driving me nuts. I’m sure it’s something simple but I just can’t figure it out.

on my home FreePBX distro my digium desk phones work perfectly fine, internal, outbound, inbound. All calls work fine.

Softphones (Zoiper, Xlite, Bria) however will only pass audio on internal (extension to extension) or inbound calls.

on my son’s ipod I’ve got zoiper installed and it used to work fine. now when I call from the app to an outside number, no audio in either direction. The “statistics” screen during the call shows no inbound (to the app) packets.

I tried Xlite on my desktop thinking maybe this is a wifi thing. Nope, same issue.

Bria on my iphone both using the house wifi or cellular data same issue.

Yet this same phone/app can connect to other freepbx boxes I have installed at other locations and make calls no problem.

I’m pretty sure this is a nat issue somewhere but why do the desk phones work and the soft phones not?

Anyone have any suggestions on where to look for the problem?

Audio issues are almost always a NAT issue. Since the issue is only occurring on calls outside of your router, NAT seems highly likely. Since it only affects some extensions and not others, I suspect an extension configuration issue.

Check the extension settings your softphone vs. your hard phones. Any differences? Pay close attention to the NAT settings. Extensions should be NAT=No unless they are remote and behind a NAT.

Have you tried taking one of your hardphones off line and having the softphone register to the hardphone’s extension?? Do the reverse with your hardphone - have it register to your softphone’s extension, and see if the problem follows the phone or the extension.

Check your Asterisk SIP Settings to make sure that everything is filled out correctly. Your external Public IP may be wrong. If they are right, try changing them to NAT=NO and Public IP address and see if that makes a difference. I wouldn’t leave it wrong, but I’d at least check to see if it makes a difference for troubleshooting purposes.

Have you tried power cycling your router?

Are your Desk phones getting IP via DHCP or static? What about your softphones? If there’s a difference, this may be a lead to the problem.

There could also be a firewall configuration issue, either on IPTABLES or on your router.

Is your DHCP server providing a correct link to a valid DNS server?