No name appears in fop for extension

in FOP under extensions the extension number appears for all of the extensions but some of the names do not appear.

these are 4 or 5 character names…

anyone experience this sort of issue before? any work arounds or suggestions that I could try to fix this?


Oddly enough, I have the same problem depending on which PC I’m using. It works fine on my IBM T42 laptop computer but on my desktop machine running XP and another running Vista, it shows only partial or no names on most extensions.

I believe it is related to the screen resolution or the fonts but can’t seem to figure it out. I’m running 1024 X 768 on the laptop and a larger screen on the desktop machines so I think this is the key.

I rarely use FOP so this hasn’t been high on my priority list…

I think I may have sortta nailed the problem…

all of the extension names show up correctly only when the screen resolution is 1024 x 768…anything else causes problem.

There is a setting in one of the fop config files that say’s to only show the name if it fits. I can’t remember which one at this moment. But there are several different ways to solve it.

  1. decrease the name (yea I know).
  2. decrease the label font size in op_style.cfg for the name
  3. change the settings on the php call that loads the panel. If my memory serves me correct you need to look at changing scale=exactfit to something else. This is covered the the FOP documentation. See the FAQ, README and RECIPES files in the /var/www/hml/panel directory.

actually the labels for each of the extension is les than 5 characters…so its NOT 18 characters long or anything…

some of the extension which in fact are longer show up!!! so I am confused what the issue really is…

I will check out those doc files you suggested.

I think the issue is now fixed, I “increased” the label font size and that did the trick…go figure!!!

thanks for all of the ideas