No MWI on phone screen

Although I have a little experience setting up cisco equipment in a network, I am a complete noob with this voip thing.
Here’s my issue: About a year ago an associate of mine installed a IP phone system, using Freepbx on a Raspberry pi to handle only the voicemail. (SIP to voicemail, analog parts to pstn)

The Rasp has corrupted itself twice since then, and this last time I wasn’t even able to login to the CLI. So I downloaded the recent stable version and installed it on a Dell R210 server.

I managed to get everything working again myself, but my only issue is; when a message is left on the extension I setup for the person delegated to listen to them, The MWI indicator does not show up on the Cisco phone.
Chatting with the original associate that set it up, he says I need the script in /etc/scripts that was on the Raspberry. But as mentioned, the raspberry is dead.

Is there anyone out there with the patience to help me out with this?


ok, I guess not.