No More Auto SMS Popup And Refresh from The User Control Panel


I’d notice since few months, the SMS aren’t popping up by themselves anymore the UCP, nether updated when a new one get in. I’d need to close the conversation by pressing the “X” and to reopen it to see new messages with a thread.

How to make the thread popping up by itself and the new messages appearing by themselves within a thread without having the need to closing it and reopening it all the time to see if a new message get in?



any idea? please?

Still having the same issue.

If someone know how to make it work like before please show me how.



I would open a bug report. This is done through polling and someone may have broken that in the module. It is technically commercial support because I am guessing you are using sipstation but I think bugs for that are handled with the big tracker

I just add more RAM to the VM hosting FreePBX to see if this was the cause, in the event if of the issue was caused by something else, I will open a bug report.



Still not popping up!

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