No message audio in Voicemail

I am sitting home trying to hammer out some programming for a Yealink phone. I have a Yealink T26 set as a remote phone. Setting up hints for User voicemail boxes to show up on BLF keys, (that part works). The system is uptodate Freepbx Distro. When I call out to using a SIP trunk my audio is fine both ways. When I call into a VM box I get the initial VM audio telling me to leave the message and press # at the end. I leave a message, or I think I am leaving a message, hang up. The BLF for that VM box lites, I can press the button and I am prompted for the password. Password entered, accepted, told there is a new message. I immediately am given the menu that would have played after the message had been played back to me. The system is in Device & User mode. I have deleted the users and recreated them. One other quirk is that I cannot log into the Voicemail box unless I use SIP Info. If I use RFC2833 then digits for logging in are ignored.

Any ideas as to what is going on?