No lookup-sources (CNAM lookup) in cse of FollowMe without Inbound Routes

There is a big problem with Caller ID lookups.
I would like to use the build in solution (which is very simple but easy).

But I am trying to avoid using inbound routes (have only some for backup carriers and for Freecall-Numbers), because I have different DID’s and use therefore only the necessary extensions and as well “Follow me” settings.
But in both screens/forms I cannot set a lookup-source.

Exact this is the problem!
I could of course use the “incoming route” and route the call to an adittional extension, but this is a little bit overdriven.
Which means in the end: I can not set a lookup-source within an Extension or a FollowMe - what a pity.

Any easy solution for that (without completely change the number plan, the config and each phone as well)?

Thanks in advance, Jochen