No IP Address HELP!I


So I was using the system admin, and I changed the i.p address protocol to “none”, then I changed my i.p address to However, I cannot access via my browser, and when I boot up my server and check the i.p address it says ip address: none (well Ether0: none, I only have one ethernet port on my server).

What commands within the terminal do I need to enter to provide it with a static i.p address, or how do I turn the DHCP back on??

URGENT help is greatly appreciated!

Thank You

Jamie Greene

First of all Jamie don’t shout (use all caps). Second, putting urgent makes people not reply just so you know.

Did you Google first to find answer? Answer is “CentOS configure IP address” would have found the answer. I always wonder why nobody searches before they come into forum.

The settings are int /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0

Once you edit and save file enter “system network restart” to restart the network with the new IP.

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