No phones

Pbx and phones on the same LAN both with same router acting as gateway as well as DNS server
When internet goes down no internal calls are possible, pbx is unreachable at is LAN ip address via http or https.
Pbx dns order is
Why is this and what to check ?

Did you see this? There are some services not working without an Internet connection

The main thing can be that the system is trying to resolve an external domain (your provider sip domain, etc) without success. Try to put the DNS in the resolv.conf

Something is not configured or connected correctly on your network if connections to devices on the LAN are not working at all when your WAN is down.

Or the cause of the internet outage is a power issue that’s affecting all your infrastructure equipment.

No, simply there was a failure on VDSL distribution box along the road.
All office infrastructure was OK
Very weird…
I’ll try to replicate failure disconnecting vdsl cable…

If you are using chan_sip for either extensions or trunks, there are known issues where DNS failures cause the system to hang. The best solution is to switch to pjsip, though setting up dnsmasq (or other local DNS server) is a workaround.

For my part, I used /etc/hosts to fixe it.

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