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No Interfaces Found - Fresh FreePBX 14 Distro

(Mvogel4949) #1

On two separate systems after a fresh V14 install I get a No Interfaces Found message at the command line when I log in. I check etc/sysconfig/network-scripts folder and there is no ifcfg-eth0 made so I make it and even with eth0 info there the system will not boot with an IP. The LAN port is active in the BIOS. Thoughts?

(Dave Burgess) #2

We’ve seen this happen with unsupported Ethernet hardware. What kind of MB and Network Card are you using?

(Mvogel4949) #3

i3 motherboard
network card - IBA CL Slot 00FE v0113 maybe?

(Mvogel4949) #4

Update - Tried a distro with SNG 7.5 and it worked like a champ. Distro with SNG 7.4 didn’t create the eth files. Which is the exact opposite of the server using a Celeron processor. SNG 7.4 works great, SNG 7.5 kills it. I guess the moral is to find a SNG version that works and stick with it!

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