No incoming call ring on second trunk when the first is busy

Hi all,

I have a set of two trunks. One of them rings a single extention and the second a ring group.
I noticed that when the first is busy on a call (inbound or outbound) the second doesn’t ring on incoming call at all. Caller receives ring tone and in the end, no answer.

What do i have to configure to have it ring as well and then answer the call ?
I dont have any queue configured.

This is either service provider related, or your configuration is not correctly identifying the trunks (a potential problem with SIP trunks, although you didn’t actually say what sort they are).

We might have more clues if you provided logging for the calls:

It will be this (specific quote phrase intentional).

You have two different providers? If not, you probably don’t actually want this.

yes, two seperate trunks from different providers. i use the first on for outbound calls but both of them receive their calls on seperate extensions. Specifically the first on an extension, the second on ring group and everything works fine.

I noticed this problem when the first was busy on an outbound call. The second didn’t ring at all. I shall try to get logs.

My answers assumed a single provider. My best guess now is that this is a problem with NAT in the router, causing it to allocate dynamic port numbers for the second call.

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