No incoming call?! (noob alert)

Try setting up an “any/any” inbound route with no DID and no CID.

Send it to your extension/ring group.

that works fine

If an “any/any” route works, look at the logs and find a line that says something like “You should think about setting up an inbound route for this number” and set up an inbound route for that number. It needs to match exactly (country code, prefix, etc.) in order for the inbound route to pick it up from the inbound trunk.

Note that there is no shame in using an any/any route for all of your incoming calls. If that’s working and your other routes are not, having one can make the difference between something that worked for a while and suddenly doesn’t an inconvenience instead of an outage.

guess I found the problem

Set(“SIP/86518610-in-0000000c”, “__FROM_DID=8618610”). <<---- thats the wrong number,
I must talk to my sip provider tomorrow, something is very wrong here,

Tests with another sip number (got 5) it worked right away, just by change I found it…

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This is why we don’t want people to mask this stuff. The very first line of this debug shows the exact problem (as you just pointed out). The wrong number is being sent.

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yar im writing my Sip provider now there is missing a 5 number,

Fyi, I’ve seen providers sending by default last 4 digits only, unless you request the full DID.

yar but something wrong here

86518610 <-- my number
8618610 <… the number I get so the 5 is missing, and on the other number im testing I get all 6 digits

That is the old block number method with PRIs, etc. Carriers will send the last 4 if all the NPANXX are the same. Widen that to 5,6,7 or 10 depending on the DID(s).

@BlazeStudios on the other hand, this looks like a case of serious fat-fingering at the LEC… :slight_smile:

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