No inbound SMS

Using latest stable version of voipinnovations module and latest stable version of asterisk 18. Outbound SMS works but no inbound. I allowed all in on firewall to makes sure that is not blocking.

Where should I be looking for the incoming SMS on the eth0 interface? Is it an API and if so what port? Or is it just a UDP packet on my SIP port I can look for with sngrep? According to this article it looks like it is sent SMS as SIP, so I should see it in sngrep but I don’t.

How is SMS webhook used with VIModule if at all? I couldn’t seem to find any info on that anywhere.

Other than UCP, do I need to use sangoma phones/software to receive SMS from VI module on a phone/app or will any SIP softphone capable of receiving standard SIP messages (like MicroSIP) work?

You should be able to see the messages with SNGREP - you should be sending them as SIP to your endpoint group. I only have experience using the Sangoma softphones with VI sms so I’m not sure about other softphones working. If you still are having issues I would open a ticket with VI

Thanks for the reply. My problem was that the DID SMS setting was set to “Programmable Telco” on the VI end. Setting that to “SIP” and waiting a few minutes resolved the issue. I now see messages coming in on sngrep.

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Can anyone help me understand what the SMS Webhook module is used for? There is a surprising lack of information about it.

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