No inbound IVR sound from voicepulse


I set up a a clean 2.6 system. All of it seems to work from inside my network.

I set up an ivr main menu and recorded the greeting using *77

I set up voicepulse and it works for calling out and calling in when it goes directly to an extension. I set it up initially to go to an extension and I heard the lady talk from te voicepulse inbound call… no problem

I call in from an internal extension to 777 and hear the my ivr prompt fine.

I setup up voicepulse to go to the ivr and… no sound

the logs show no errors… I can upload them if it would help

thinking it was the msg file I rerecorded it, I converted it, I recorded it a number of different ways… no luck

I then copied an existing msg that came with the system into place so that I could rule out the file format… still works from 7777 but does not work from voicepulse

I have purchased and downloaded, installed and registered digium’s codec… figuring it might be a codec problem. No go

Please help



my ivr works fine when call comes through ipkall number, but when it comes through account it gets disconnected after reacing ivr, but it works fine when it goes to extension directly or to a queue. They say vbuzzer doesn’t support ivr. this might be the case with ur service provider.

I have an earlier version (1.2?) of trixbox working on the same network and using voicepulse and IVR works just fine.



Yeah, I know this doesn’t help you, but I’m running 2.6 at home and I have voicepulse service and you can hear my IVR just fine.

You need to properly define sip_nat.conf
Also make sure on the voicepulse trunk that you ONLY have allow=ulaw
Erase everyhting else that’s there