No inbound calls showing up in monitor section

Not to beat a dead horse…

Under recordings, under monitor… I can only see recordings for outbound calls but nothing for inbound. Each extension in the system - recording=always.

What I do see… all outbound recorded as OUTXXXXXX but inbound are being recorded as YYYYMMDDXXXXXXXX (in /var/spool/asterisk/monitor)

I saw there was a post with recordingcheck fix but I do not even see that file anywhere.

Asterisk 1.4 with FreePBX

Any help is much appreciated.

Anyone can help?

Yes upgrade to FreePBX 2.10 as recordings was 100% re-written and 2.8 is outdated.

I upgraded to the latest 2.9… Upgrade to 2.10 requires Asterisk 1.8 but system currently running with 1.4.36.

I am a bit concern with rather bigger upgrade. Does anyone has any fix to make inbound calls to show up in “Monitor”?

Thanks in advance.